Orders should be placed well in advance (at least 3 - 4 months) of pickup or shipping date to ensure the availability of stock. We will reply to all orders.

All bare rooted trees are freshly dug in the spring, while the trees are in a dormant stage and properly stored until shipping or pick up.

We only ship trees in the spring.  Bare rooted nursery stock are shipped April through mid-May. Pick up orders will be arranged at time of order.  All nursery stock is packaged with shredded damp newspaper in a waterproof container. We use shredded newspaper, because it holds the moisture best and the ink acts as a sterilizer for the roots. The newspaper can be used as a mulch by the customer around the trees.  In some cases with extra-large deciduous trees they may have to be bent to fit into the shipping container.  As the trees are dormant this will not do any harm to the trees.  Upon arrival, simply straighten the tree out. Follow our Planting and Cultural Requirement section.

Discounts - contact nursery.

Nursery stock is guaranteed to be alive and well upon leaving the nursery. This is how it works: (1) In Canada, all trees are visibly inspected by myself before shipping. (2) For shipment to United States, a phytosanitary certificate is required. To obtain a certificate, the trees must be inspected by a CFIA inspector for health, diseases, etc.at my location before issuing the certificate (they must be shipped immediately).If there is a delay in receiving the trees from the  couriere. then the customer is responsible for filing a claim with them.  Trees receeived within 15 days after leaving our premises and are planted and fail to grow in the first year, then they will be replaced without charge the following season, if they are available from the nursery. To be eligible for replacement, please do not contact me until after the end of August.

For advance mail orders, we require a full payment with the order.

Payment is accepted by either personal or business cheque, money order, bank draft or cash,

A Phytosanitary certificate issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is required for all shipments outside of Canada. The cost for this certificate is $15.00 per order. See order form.

We ship by Canada Post (expedited or express mail, next day delivery in Ontario & parts of Quebec.  Other provinces or states.   International orders are packaged in the same manner.  Upon shipping, a tracking number is given to the customer, please follow up with the Carrier, using the tracking number. If delayed, either contact your local Post Office or an inspection is needed, then contact the inspector to prevent any undue delays. For other shipment information please contact us at rhoras@nuttrees.com.