New introduction


We proudly introduce 2 new selections of hazelnuts from selection of plant material received from Dr. G. Slate and John Gordon many years ago.  The 2 distinct varieties are car-artic-Gem and car-17.  Both of these men were keenly interested in the work carried out on promoting hazelnuts that were resistant to the blight, but also in promoting cold hardiness, but most importantly nut size.  They both offered me their best selections of geneva and slate, other unnamed varieties to work with.  My notes indicated that they were all sections from crosses between the European X American strains.  The (American strain - corylus Americana) was Dr. Slates most wanted strain because of its resistance to the blight.  At that time, I had already put in 12 years of experimenting with crosses from William Gellatly, from British Columbia.  This was an encouragement because it was always my belief that the American strains (American + beak hazel (corylus cornuta) were the best cross for the European strains with their size of nut and production.  The slate and Geneva did last for approximately 5 - 20 years, but gradually declined from the blight.  Of the 4 percent survival, the crosses with the American hazelnut was more pronounced and eventually did produce several  varieties which have maintained their disease resistant for 25 years plus.  I now offer 2 new varieties from these selections to replace the Geneva and slate which I consider not suitable for reproduction.

Varieties I now offer are cr-artic-gem, cr-17 along with the following - car5, car7, car9, car12, car 24 & Chinese hazel.

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