Some comments & Instructions for order that are shipped





"Plus, some years they have been held for. inspection for over a week, which can be hard on them."

Solution: Once the order is shipped, a tracking number is given to the customer - I instruct all customers to follow up using this number with the carrier and keep informed.  If it seems to be excessive delay, then contact your local Post Office/USDA  and if an inspection is needed, then contact your inspector to avoid any undue delay,  Very important!

"Good morning Mr. Rhora, the package arrived on 5/22 with the newspaper around the roots still moist:

The plants seemed to survive and went into a pail with water for a couple of days,

then on to their permanent site a couple of days later,

"The trees are in an area off the access drive that includes persimmon, paw-paw, quince, a variegated beech a dawn redwood and a couple of spruce.  The character of the area will be enhanced by the stone pines." Thanks for your help.  Len

"Charles Rhora, The trees arrived yesterday in good condition. Thanks for all your work."  Zyla

"Hi Charles, thank you very much for sending the replacement trees, they arrived a few weeks ago and we planted them right away in the holes vacated by the previous ones - I wanted to let you know that the they are doing very well - every one of them has put out strong shoots so I am confident that they will all survive." thank you, Stephanie

"Good afternoon Mr.Rhora, We received the parcel today and all looks well. Thank you so much for not sending all of the inoculant and refunding our money.  I appreciate your honestly. Have a wonderful day!"
"You have a fascinating website. We love the views from our small ranch in Western WI USA zone 4 but want to space productive trees along one side of the drive."

"All were frozen but recovered very well. All leaves were die - up to 10" new growth"  Later statement - "100% of the young tree are alive..... I'm very happy"                                          

Footnote:  One of many cerncerned customers after deep freeze of May 23/15  A good reason why not to give up.

Spring 2019:


why hazeelnuts?  "you know always wanted to own a nut orchard. Lots of work!  no profit though.   Between squirrels and blue jays,etc, not able to get a crop.Harvest by hand, before varments start harvest while on the branches  - sell ?  take to Toronto -  factory does no t pay enough to even meet costs.  Lots of fresh air though"    2021


"I am happy to report our replacement Korean Pine you gave us in th spring has done fantastic! We are so pleased.  Thank you for replacing the failed one."


"Charles - hazelnuts have blight".  What varieties?  - "Slate and Gene. I purchased about 5 years ago."  "only thing to do is prune out blight and desctroy wood.  You will still obtain a few years more.

"we only have a couple hundred hazeelnuts - takes all summer to groom orchard as recommended by  "expert growers", and then no crop - squirrels and blue jays get them while still on bushes.  neighbor has several acres and does not have time off"


2022   -  It is perfect, will submit    payment to cover additional shipping cost and you selct the best Russian cedar ( P. siberica) , for me.  Past orders are all doing well - Keep up the good work!  Trees upon arrival always in excellent shape and do not take long toadapt to their new surrondings.  Thank you for your dedicated work in the pine nut trees.  Others only sell, and then care less.  Seems money is thier only interest in selling nut trees"


A quick question?   Do I need another korean pine tree - another nursery here in BC says they are self - fertile.  Only one needed?  Is this true?  Inoculant - another nursery says - just gather some pine needles from underneath a pine trees.  Scatter the needles and this will be the inoculant!

The edible pine nut trees that I offer are NOT SELF- FERTILE!   NEED AT LEAST 2, BETTER IF THREE.  Imagian planting a lone tree - wait 7-8 years - no cones!  Start all over again!

Pine needles are not the answer.  They do not work!  

*  Fall 2022  - Purchase american chestnuts 3 yrs ago - now 7 feet tall - fasntastic growth - no diseases!   want two more in the spring!  keep up the good work.