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Spring 2015




The Spring of 2015 was a very unusual time at our location.  We had snow up until April 16. Later in  early May, temperatures soared up into the 60  mid 70's degrees (14-26 C.).  New growth on Edible pine trees to 6 -8". Carpathian walnut 6 - 10 inch, Chinese Date, Chinese Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry, Sassafras, Oaks, Hickories,etc.  Even the newly transplanted pine, carpathian walnut, etc. had put on new growth. May 23- temperature to 22 degrees F. for 6 hours. ( Have a Davis Weather Station which records Temperature, Wind Chill, Dew Point, Leaf Tempture, Soil tempature & moisture. etc. which transmits new  readings every few seconds).  By afternoon all new growth had turned black from the freezing temperatures. Although the Hazelnuts were in full leaf - no frost related signs of damage.  The Paw Paw were not out in leaf, but had blossoms which  were not harmed by the tempatures.  Within  a week or so noticed new growth coming back on the Siberian and Korean pine, Carpathian walnut, Apples, etc..   Within 4  weeks all trees were back to before May 23 and continued to prosper.  All trees put on more than normal growth and  crops for the fall harvesting were above normal..

Summary - some concern originally - but having faith,  shows what the Creator will do.
  "  All were frozen but recovered very well. All leaves were die"  Later statement - "100% of the young tree are alive..... I'm very happy" 

Footnote:  One of many cerncerned customers after deep freeze of May 23/15..  A good reason why not to give up

We are pleased to advise that  through our nursery supervison  we have customers that have established commercial plantings of edible nut pines in excess of  450  acres, ranging from a few acres up to 20 acres  in size.                                                                                                           

Others have established or are in the process of establishing commerical crops of Asinima triloba (Paw paw) of more than 30 acres.   While others have commerical plantings of more than 25 acres of  Diospyros virginiana ( native North American Persimmon).

Please see our  "Pest Control" section for control of planted seeds, nut trees - browsing of trees, protecting harvest of nuts, all in a humane way - no chemicals, no inhumane traps, NOT BOTHERSOME TOO PETS, does not interfer with bee pollination.  Eliminates tree guards, etc.  Runs on only about 30 cents a month.  All solid state operation (no moving parts to worry about). Weatherproof - if necessary can be run all year round.  Best thing that every happened to protect crops and trees..

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