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Yard Gard

Yard Gard is an electronic pest control device and animal repeller.  Yard Gard keeps any unwanted animal away – from small mice to large deer – with ultrasonic (nearly silent-to-humans) technology.  Ultrasonic pest control uses high-frequency sound waves that irritate and intimidate pest animals, making the affected area inhospitable.

  • Repel mice, squirrels, deer, raccoons, rabbits,  insects  and more
  • Built-in motion detector activates when pests move into coverage zone
  • Discreet electronic pest control for yards, decks, and patios
  • No more traps or pesticides – safe to use around children and pets!
  • Ultrasonic pest control device covers up to 3600 sq. ft.

Electronic pest control is simple, affordable, and eco-friendly.  Whether you're trying to keep one animal away, or a variety of species – Yard Gard animal repeller works.

 Independent laboratory and university testing has proven ultrasonic and sonic sound technologies to be effective forms of pest deterrents.


Note:  I have used this repeller for several years, with continuous use,  to protect my seed beds & producing trees.   Has eliminated covering the seeds and emerging seedlings with any sort of protection.  No more problem with critters stealing my crop.   It really works!

In the past I had installed several units of the Yard Guard at various locations to keep the animals away from either irrigation ponds, or other areas where the animals were a nuisance.

1st area near one of my irrigation ponds which are stocked with fish. The unit was installed on a wooden post about 8 feet in height (which was a mistake!) 1st try was using the transformer (12V) with a 50 foot extension cord which was plugged into a 120V electric outlet. Next morning found the unit in the pond, 12V transformer and cord missing, chewed electrical outlet and cord. Replaced unit with batteries and repositioned. Again next morning found unit in water. Can you imagine how much this annoyed the animals that they took this action! 2nd area was adjacent to another irrigation pound, again stocked with fish to keep water properly clean. Again fastened to wooden post. Next morning found 12V transformer and extension cord mangled and chewed up – also end of extension cord reception chewed also. (Imagine what the animal received as it attacked the 120V electrical outlet – shows I mean business!) Solution is too install a metal posts at 10 feet above ground and have wiring protected.   Batteries are  another possible solution. 3rd area was mounted on a quanza hut approximately 10 feet of the ground. Next morning found unit on ground. Not sure how they were able to reach that height! Anyway remounted and to date no sign of animals. They do a fantastic job!

Note:  Please see "Pest Control" for more information.

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